fibre optics

Telecoms and Energy

​Water-blocking and coated textile fibre technology solutions to reinforce, insulate and protect optical fibre and power cables.

Wire and Cable

Coats Ultrabloc SY

Proven to be the best fibre in terms of absorption speed and capacity as well as tensile strength when compared to competitors.

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Gotex FG

Gotex FG

Lightweight and flexible, this yarn strengthens and prevents overuse of fibre optic cables.

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Reinforced tapes for flexible pipes

Coats Gotex tapes are the solution to reinforce or repair pipes, ensuring they don’t suffer corrosion defects or mechanical damages.

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Wire and Cable

Coats Aptan XTRU for braided wire harnesses

Keep heavy-duty equipment in excellent operating condition by protecting engine components with quality wire harnesses.

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