Telecoms and Energy

Safety, strength and longevity from manufacture to repair. These are innovative telecoms solutions to keep you globally connected and expertly protected.

Cable reels

Strength Members

Strength Members give strength to the cable which is needed during installation process.

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Deep sea piping

Water Blocking Yarns

Water swellable yarn for dry blocking in fibre optic cables around central strength members.

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Binders are used to hold fibre bundles and/or stranded buffer tubes together.

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Yarns for telecom cables


Ripcords are used to slitting the jacket/shield of the cable for repairs.

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Telecommunications fibre optics

Woven Tapes

Can be made of fibreglass or aramid and are utilised in the manufacture of cables that are located outdoors or in vulnerable environments.

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Specialised Cables

Non-Woven Tapes

Non-woven mica tapes are an ideal solution for fire resistant cables.

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