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Who we are

Coats is a world leader in thread manufacturing and structural components for apparel and footwear, as well as an innovative pioneer in performance materials. These critical solutions are used to create a wide range of products, including ones that provide safety and protection for people, data and the environment.

Trusted by the world's leading companies to deliver crucial, innovative, and sustainable solutions, we provide value-adding products including apparel, accessory and footwear threads, structural footwear components, fabrics, yarns and software applications. Customer partners include companies from the apparel, footwear, automotive, telecoms, personal protection, and outdoor goods industries.

With a proud heritage dating back more than 250 years and a spirit of evolution to constantly stay ahead of changing market needs, we have operations across some 50 countries with a workforce of over 17,000, serving our customers worldwide.

Headquarted in the UK, Coats connects talent, textiles, and technology, to make a better and more sustainable world.

Our Vision and Strategic Goals

Our vision is to be the global textiles leader and trusted partner delivering innovation, digital and sustainable solutions with lasting value to all stakeholders.

We have three strategic goals to work towards in order to achieve our vision.

Profitable sales growth

  • Apparel
    Increasing our market share by delivering sustainable, innovative and value-adding product and service solutions to our global customer base.
  • Footwear
    Strengthening our leading footwear threads and components supplier position through enhanced product portfolio, accelerated innovation and sustainability, and expanded global footprint.
  • Performance Materials
    Lead with innovative and sustainable developments in highly engineered products creating textile-based industry solutions for attractive and growing end markets.

Continuing to strengthen the core

  • Employee investment
    Continued investment in the development of our employee capabilities so they can reach their full potential in a safe, respectful and inclusive workplace.
  • Customer centricity
    Maintain focus to ensure we meet industry demand for speed, personalisation, innovation, cost, quality, reliability and sustainability in support of critical elements within the supply chain.

Value creation

Disciplined use of capital to fund inorganic opportunities to build scale and acquire new capabilities, technology and talent.

Our goals are underpinned by the following strategic enablers:



To stay relevant, we recognise the need to evolve in new directions. This requires us to think ‘beyond the stitch line’ to collaborate with internal and external stakeholders, to repurpose our products into new areas and use machine learning and artificial intelligence to inform new ways of operating, fit for the digital age.


Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We recognise that big, bold, game-changing ideas are crucial to our success.

We continue to accelerate our innovation credentials and solutions to deliver tailored customer solutions to meet their design requirements.

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Sustainability has long been at the core of how we do business and is a key driver of our strategic decisions. Our sustainability agenda is important to all our stakeholders. Not only does it give us a competitive advantage, but it also allows us to help our customers with their own sustainability agendas.

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