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Coats Digital

Coats Digital is the software business of Coats Group, the world’s leading industrial thread company and a trusted industry player.

We leverage deep industry and technology expertise to create and deliver business critical software solutions which are proven to digitally transform the way fashion companies design, develop, cost, source, plan and manufacture.

Our apparel, footwear and textile specific solutions harness industry best practice and the latest technology to improve agility, speed to market, efficiency, transparency and sustainability, and are trusted by brands and manufacturers around the world.

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Specialist solutions for fashion brands and manufacturers

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Coats Digital business critical software solutions are embedded with deep industry expertise and proven to digitally transform the way fashion brands and their supply chain partners design, develop, cost, source, plan and manufacture.  

  • VisionPLM
    Fast, efficient, sustainable product development and supply chain collaboration
  • GSDCost
    The method-time-cost solution for garment costing and sustainable manufacturing

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Coats Digital’s business-critical fashion manufacturing software is embedded with deep industry expertise, allowing fashion manufacturers to transform key processes from design and development to method-time-cost optimisation, production planning and control, fabric optimisation and shop floor execution.

  • VisionPLM
    PLM for garment and apparel manufacturers
  • GSDCost
    The method-time-cost solution for garment cost optimisation and manufacturing excellence
  • FastReactPlan
    Dynamic production planning and control for fashion manufacturers
  • Fabric Optimisation (Intello Suite)
    Fabric optimisation software to optimise and automate fabric buying as well as cutting room planning and execution
  • Res.Q
    Powering smart factories with digitised shop floor execution and control

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