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Lattice Lite Eco

Revolutionary fibre-laying technology that uses eco-friendly raw materials
Coats Lattice Lite Eco is a revolutionary fibre-laying technology that uses eco-friendly raw materials like recycled carbon, basalt fibre or thermoplastics like PA11 or recycled PA6 for unbeatable sustainability in active and safety footwear.

The technology allows placing yarns into the exact place and direction in your design, to control thickness, flex, torsion and rigidity through the forefoot, mid-foot and rear-foot, creating footbeds and toe caps that enhance the wearer’s experience.

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Blue composite sports shoe

Features and Benefits


  • Fully optimised fibre paths for intelligent component performance that enhances different characteristics throughout the part, such as flexibility, torsion and rigidity
  • Utilises Synergex Commingled fibre providing accelerated moulding process cycle times (circa 120 seconds)
  • Eliminates the need for additional resin steps either prepreg or resin transfer moulding which accelerates manufacturing processes
  • Compared to more traditional composite operations that waste 30% or more material, Lattice Lite Eco reduces material waste to less than 5% using continuous fibre placement
  • From the initial design to final product, we provide world class service for unique fibre technology


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