Sports and activewear - Sweatshirts

Our sewing threads enhance sweatshirts by providing appropriate levels of seam strength and elongation as well as comfort and, in some cases, deliver a decorative element to the seams.

Approximate thread consumption is 190 meters. Depending on the final quality of the required, alternative thread types may be used. It is highly recommended to use a ball point needles to avoid damage to knitted fabrics during sewing.

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The recommendations in the table above apply to all of these stitch types. The choice of which thread to use for top cover is determined by the appearance required. Popular top covering threads include; Gramax, Epic and Sylko.

The sewing thread recommendations laid out above are intended as a guide to aid the construction of garments with good quality seams. As garments of the same generic type differ in terms of fabric substrate and construction, and both making up methods and post make up processing can greatly vary, these recommendations should be viewed as a good starting point for thread selection.