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Our global community programs

At Coats, we always try to be an active corporate citizen and encourage our teams to engage with their local communities in ways that best suit them and their circumstances. During 2017, we ran over 176 community projects in over 50 different countries worldwide, across six key topic areas:

  • Educational activities
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Cultural awareness
  • Safety awareness
  • Women’s empowerment
  • Responding to local needs
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The most popular themes chosen by our teams were ‘health & wellbeing’, ‘educational activities’ and ‘responding to local needs’. Here are some of our stories from across the globe.

Health and wellbeing

Our Communities People Image 1A total of 65 projects have been delivered around health and wellbeing across all our sites.

Coats Sri Lanka ran a campaign to promote organ donation to help save lives in local communities. Our team distributed information flyers and donation forms throughout their local community. During the campaign, 280 people signed up. 

Coats India, working closely with local partners, helped to clean local beaches and to carry out desilting work around water tanks in local villages. This contributed to both a cleaner environment for local communities and helped increase water storage capacity in the tanks and water access for under privileged communities.

In the UK, our team worked to raise money for breast cancer by taking part in ‘Wear It Pink’ day. Staff members donated £1 to the charity and wore something pink. A bake sale also took place to help raise money. The fundraising campaign helped raise awareness about the charity amongst our social media followers and about the issue of breast cancer within our own team. 

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In the Americas, our team in Mexico donated clothes and yarn to a day center (Vida Plena) which provides recreation, food and basic medical services to elderly people. As part of the Coats Solidaria program in Brazil a team of volunteers led by the Occupational Physician held a session about the basics of first aid with local primary school children. The students learned how to call for help in an emergency situation and how to give CPR. In the USA, our team assisted McDowell County Homeless Shelters and the local Department of Social Services by providing blankets for the winter months for families and people in need. The team also spent over 100 hours crocheting and knitting scarves and hats for local low-income elementary school children in need, and lapgans (small blankets) for local Veterans in retirement homes, which were delivered on Veterans Day.

Finally, our team in Romania together with the Saint Francis Foundation organized a collection of long-life foods, cleaning supplies, clothes, toys and books for under privileged families for Christmas 2017. They collected 100 kg of goods for 14 families.

Educational activities

A total of 62 educational community engagement projects were delivered across all our sites.

In Asia, our China team delivered a cross-stitch interest course in He-Ping local school. The objective was to teach young students how to do cross-stitch handiwork and both basic and advanced courses were delivered to 65 students.

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Our colleagues in Glasgow, UK, continued to volunteer at a local primary school helping a group of children with reading and grammar. The children were chosen based on need; some of them had virtually no reading skills. Although this was a challenge for the volunteers, we saw a big improvement in some of the children’s literacy by the end of the school year.

Our team in Canada helped to create cotton drawstring bags using sample and donated fabrics. These were stitched using Coats thread. The bags were donated to the ‘Days for Girls’organization. They will use them to create menstrual kits which will be sent to girls in Africa, helping to ensure that they do not miss any days of schools. In October 2017, 42 bags were created and donated to ‘Days for Girls’.

In South America, as part of the Coats Solidaria program in Brazil, the team delivered a crochet and origami course to employees and members of the local community including 100 children from a local school. The team also hosted a careers day for 24 web design and computer maintenance students from the Vida Jovem non-governmental organization which provides further education to young people.

Finally, Coats Romania have offered recycled waste and dormant threads to vocational schools in Vlahita. Our team is committed to supporting student professional development and those donations have been used by students during practical activities. Other examples around Europe included our team, in Lithuania, providing school supplies for the new school year to low income families; and Coats Estonia supporting a local theater group (see picture on the left-hand side) through charitable donations (1,500 euros), enabling a group of 20 children and 2 teachers to travel and attend the Youth Theatre Event InterTWINed 2017.

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Responding to local needs

A total of 22 community engagement projects responding to local needs, have been delivered across all our sites.

Coats Mexico, concerned for artisans from Juchitan in Oaxaca after the earthquakes of September 2017 (one of the most affected zones in Mexico), donated hundreds of balls of Anchor Pearl 100% mercerized cotton to enable them to embroider by hand. As such, they could continue to create Tehuana costumes, which are one their main sources of income. Similarly, Coats Chile donated materials to Knitting Together, a local NGO, to help the people who have lost their belongings after the 2017 forest fires in Chile.

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During 2017, the team in France donated dormant thread stocks to a local charity supporting people in need. The threads were used by the charity to teach people sewing skills and using two industrial sewing machines they made various garments, pillows and blankets.

In Vietnam, Coats Phong Phu provides an ongoing supply of thread to 19 artisan weavers from the A Luoi tribe who live in central Vietnam and are known for their beautiful, traditional woven textiles. The aim was to support the weavers almost entirely from waste thread and besides the positive economic and social impact, this will help keep a traditional skill alive.

A positive global impact

All our community programs are designed to provide a positive impact on local society and involve as many Coats employees as possible in delivering the activity. Although we haven’t yet measured the total social impact from our activities, we know that in 2017 over 176 communities across 50 countries have benefited from our involvement. We look forward to updating you on our community engagement program in 2018.


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