COA: 77.77 GBp
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Casa • Industry FAQs • The stitch is irregular what’s causing this?
  1. Are the correct size, type and point of needle being used?
  2. Is the machine threaded correctly check and rethread as required.
  3. Is this a result of a loose upper or lower thread tension? Adjust as required.
  4. Is the fabric getting caught on a damaged piece of the sewing machine or is the fabric being pulled out of the sewing machine.
  5. Does the pressure foot have sufficient pressure to ensure the correct feeding of the fabric is more pressure required?
  6. Is the presser foot set correctly? Is it loose and needs tightening?
  7. Is the bobbin wound evenly? Unwind if unsure and then rewind.
  8. Is the stitch length set correctly for the material being sewn?
  9. Is the point of the needle blunt or damaged and needs replacing.
  10. Is the thread tension set correctly.
  11. Is the fabric too sheer or soft? Are different foot, feed dogs and plate required for this lighter fabric?
  12. Are two different sizes or types of thread being used.
  13. Are the needle plate sat correctly and the screws holding it in place tight?
  14. Is there a build-up of lint between your feed dogs? If so this needs to be removed.
  15. Is there needle vibration or deflection which is causing the stitch to look as if it’s not straight with sewn in a straight line, if so Increasing the needle size or changing to a reinforced or tapered needle may help.
  16. Is there movement in the feed dog, if so tighten or remove play.