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Apparel Industry Coats
Apparel Industry Coats
Apparel Industry Coats
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Childrenswear Solutions

Softness, security and safety when it matters most

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Prevenzione nella fuoriuscita delle piume

Con I potenziali capi difettosi e alti costi di produzione, le conseguenze della fuoriuscita dei piumini possono essere dannose per I produttori

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Soluzioni per maglieria

Coats solutions expertly combine durability, enhanced elongation properties and softness for high quality knitwear garments.

Coats è esperta nella progettazione e fornitura di una vasta gamma di prodotti che servono una varietà di mercati strategici di utilizzo finale.

Epic EcoVerde
Tessuto in poliestere di alta qualità progettato con precisione per creare cuciture durevoli su un'ampia gamma di tessuti in molte applicazioni.
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Dual Duty EcoVerde
Dual Duty
Filo corespun di alta qualità che offre elevata resistenza e durata ed è ideale per la produzione di denim e jeans.
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Gramax EcoVerde
Gramax EcoVerde
100% recycled polyester continuous filament textured thread ideal for use in the loopers of overlocking, serging and cover seaming to provide softness and comfort
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Coats S Eco-B
Coats S Eco-B
Recycled polyester zips incorporating an additive from CiCLO® to reduce synthetic fibre accumulation in landfills and oceans.
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As the world’s largest provider of industrial sewing threads, we offer a comprehensive product offering for a wide range of industrial end uses.


We will continue to drive supplier-led innovation, take a look at some of our latest solutions designed to help our customers develop their competitive position

Information Hub

Coats technical bulletins provide expertise and are packed with technical insight and knowledge; these are a must read for sewn products manufacturers who are serious about excellent product quality, high levels of productivity and reducing excess costs.


We offer a wide range of tools and value-added services to help our customers.


Select a topic below to see related 'Frequently Asked Questions'. If you don’t find the answers you're looking for, use our contact form to e-mail your information request to the appropriate Coats contact.

  1. Check your presser foot has enough pressure applied to the fabric to give positive feed.
  2. Check and clear your feed dogs of any lint that may have built up.
  3. Check and adjust the height of the feed dogs.
  4. Check your stitch length regulator as it may be set to zero stitch length.
  5. Check the thread tension as it may be loose and the thread may be clogging under the presser foot.
  6. Check your needle plate to ensure it is fixed securely.

Coats does not recommend adding any additional lubricant / silicone on thread. Thread colour may change, it can create large variation of frictions and cause oil staining. Atomised silicone may also become a health issue if breathed by operators / machinists.

The dye uptake depends on many parameters such as cotton type, quality, finish etc. and any difference in these parameters between the fabric and thread will result in shade difference.

To improve seam elongation it is possible to increase the stitch rating per cm or inch, increase the bite, reduce the needle / looper tensions on affected seams or change thread types used.