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Athleisure webinar

Athleisure - Keeping instep with the trends

According to Business Wire (2020), the athleisure sector is set to grow by 11% year on year.

This growth has partly been accelerated by the COVID 19 pandemic, which has led to a consumer preference for Athleisure wear that will suit their new working from home lifestyle.

In response to this demand and difficult economic circumstances, many brands and retailers are pivoting their production towards athleisure garments.

To provide support in this journey, we are hosting a CoatsCast panel discussion around the trends and innovations we are seeing in the sector.


Watch our 1st webinar

In the first webinar of our new series “Athleisure: Keeping in step with the trends”, we explored:

  • The latest trends dominating the athleisure sector
  • Sustainability and the innovation journey within athleisure
  • Why supply chain transparency is imperative
  • How digitalisation can benefit brands and vendors
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Meet the Speakers

Staying on track: working from home in activewear

Activewear has long been a significant part of street fashion, so it’s no surprise that its appeal has extended to the home working environment.

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Tentang Jahitan yang Lembut dan Aman untuk Pakaian Olahraga dan Pakaian Dalam

Achieve softer, flatter and more secure seams in the manufacture of active wear, intimates and other apparel in a world of high tech fabrics.

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The rise of activewear

One of the reasons for the trend’s rise in popularity is that it filled a gap in the marketplace, where clothing that was functional was not particularly stylish.

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Coats Signal untuk Pakaian Olahraga Pemantul

Benang Coats Signal adalah benang jahit dan bordir retro reflektif dengan teknologi tinggi untuk aplikasi pada penjahitan pakaian.

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