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Coats Takes Action During the Pandemic

As the world battles COVID-19 we must all collaborate and work together to fight this virus.

Every day many people fight against the coronavirus pandemic in hospitals, supermarkets and within local communities to ensure the health and safety of everyone. We recognise and thank them for their efforts and the sacrifices they have made for us.

As far as larger enterprises are concerned, it is our duty to help those on the front line. Many factories with the appropriate conditions to return to work are responding to the call to help produce protective articles. When the Coats factory in Shanghai learned that one of their customers wanted to produce a batch of protective clothing for the pandemic containment area and needed sewing thread urgently, the factory was able to donate a batch of products. We hope to contribute to this nationwide “war” against the virus, and at present our donated products that have been sent out through SF Express are expected to produce 80,000 – 100,000 pieces of protective clothing for the front line.

“Protective Clothing Thread
Let’s go, China!”

We observed from the very beginning that pandemic prevention materials were in short supply, especially when we received production cooperation enquiries from our customers. As part of the production supply chain of a variety of materials, we knew that we needed to act quickly. We prepared to resume work at the beginning of February, purchasing pandemic prevention materials through various domestic and foreign channels, taking measures to ensure everyone’s safety, and strictly following the government’s specific guidelines. With the joint efforts of everyone, all factories passed the safety audit quickly.

From early February 2020, our factories in Qingdao, Shanghai and Shenzhen of Coats China have resumed operations successfully. We will continue to help our customers recover their production as soon as possible.

As we began to resume our operations, the first confirmation from our customer gave us the inspiration and motivation to keep going.

Production Assistance Letter

To: Coats Thread (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
Coats Zippers (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
Qingdao Coats Thread Co., Ltd
Tianjin Jiying Spinning Co., Ltd

In order to prevent and control the outbreak of sickness caused by the new virus, (Xiamen) Protective Products Co. Ltd have began producing anti-virus protective clothing on the third day of the month. As the garment accessories supplier of our company, you are kindly requested to start production to help guarantee our company has sufficient materials in supply.

Let’s race against time to win the battle to control the epidemic.

Thank you!

XXX Protective Products Co., Ltd
10th February 2020

Coats China employs thousands of people, so in order to ensure an efficient and safe re-opening, many departments worked together day and night to prepare for the resumption of work and our ongoing safety inspections.

At the same time, in order to better help fight against the pandemic, Coats China has organised a special line team to urgently distribute goods to customers that are actively producing pandemic prevention materials.

“Thank you Coats China for their support during the epidemic, which has allowed us to join the fight against the virus and support our people. Let’s cheer on our beloved country together. “

We have continued to move forward and work with our colleagues in the industry to speed up the production of various pandemic prevention materials. After we made an announcement about the Coats China “anti-pandemic” special line, we received many requests from manufacturers. While trying to resume production and process the excess orders, we have also dispatched a group of hard-working colleagues to collect information, integrate and dispatch resources, and help deliver protective materials to the relevant manufacturers as soon as possible.

We have recently dispatched two more batches of materials to the relevant production enterprises.

The first batch of goods was sent out by Coats Shenzhen and shipped to the production base of a very popular women’s clothing brand in Guangzhou. In response to the call of the state, they had freed up their main production line for protective clothing. To help with production, we deployed a large batch of sewing thread that could produce about 200,000 pieces of protective clothing.

The second batch of goods was sent from Coats Shanghai to the civilian mask production plant designated by the government, mainly to help protect the area and provide the local factory with enough masks to resume production.

It is expected that our contributions will help it produce 3 million masks.

If you also are experiencing a demand for pandemic prevention materials, you can contact our “pandemic prevention” special line or local sales team:

Coats China hotline: 0086 755-2323 7320

Let’s all work together to overcome this global pandemic as quickly as possible.
The below video outlines the measures being taken to ensure employee safety at Coats China factories.

Coats China preventions against COVID-19

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