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Softness, security and safety when it matters most”

Softness, security and safety when it matters most

Over the years, Coats has developed particular expertise in producing interlinings, threads, trims and zips for childrenswear garments. They take into consideration the factors that matter most for infants and children of all ages, including softness for minimal skin irritation, safety during play and security for freedom of movement.

To provide peace of mind, Coats solutions are supported by a dedicated technical team who are on hand to provide guidance throughout a project lifecycle.

Epic RD

Epic RD

Premium quality 100% polyester corespun thread, which is ideal for snug fitting children's nightwear.

  • A high-tech corespun thread that combines a high tenacity polyester filament core with a polyester fibre wrap to make a versatile and reliable thread
  • Specially lubricated to deliver outstanding sewing performance in the most demanding applications
  • The high strength polyester filament core allows the use of finer thread sizes, giving better seam appearance without compromising seam strength

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Gramax RD

100% polyester continuous filament textured thread for children’s nightwear.

  • Provides good seam coverage and softness for neat,comfortable seams in next-to-skin garments, ideal for children’s pyjamas
  • Low shrinkage property ensures no seam distortion after washing
  • High level of colour fastness even in demanding washing conditions

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Thread for Childrens Pyjamas
Flame retardant sewing thread

Astra RD

A best-in-class 100% staple spun polyester (SSP) thread for children’s nightwear.

  • Specially lubricated to deliver excellent sewing performance
  • Wide range of colours at an affordable price
  • Resistant to sunlight and chemical degradation
  • High level of colour fastness

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Sylko RD

A trilobal polyester thread specially engineered for embroidery applications on children's nightwear.

  • We use the most advanced technology to produce Sylko RD to guarantee optimum performance, excellent lustre and durability in your products
  • In addition, it has a superior colour fastness, good chemical resistance and excellent abrasion resistance for your most demanding end uses

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Embroidery pyjamas


Our embroidery expertise covers a variety of high quality threads and trims in a wide range of substrates, finishes and colour combinations.

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Mother baby softness solutions

Softness Solutions

Seams that come into direct contact with the skin should be secure and yet soft to avoid potential irritation to the skin.

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