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Signal Lucence PRO

High performance sew-on tapes
Coats Signal Lucence PRO is a range of high performance sew-on tapes, which offers the option to combine three technologies; retro-reflectivity, fluorescence and phosphorescence in a single material to meet the requirements of the hi-vis workwear and firefighter markets.

It consists of segmented retro-reflective and fluorescent material combined with phosphorescent backing material, which is derived from a patent pending formulation of strontium nitrate photoluminescent pigments applied on meta-aramid fabric.


Eigenschaften und Vorteile


  • One tape with the option to combine three technologies for easy integration into garments, no need to sew-on different tapes
  • No battery or cables – the Photoluminescent material absorbs both natural and artificial UV light through electron excitation which it then emits as an afterglow in low light or zero light. Each time Signal Lucence PRO material is exposed to UV light it will recharge
  • Short charging time – UV light charging times vary depending on the type of light but typically a day light charge will take 5 minutes and a charge in overhead fluorescent light ten minutes.
  • Long afterglow which lasts over 8 hours with the first hour being the brightest
  • Complies with all standards for high-visibility and firefighter garments
  • Certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, CLASS I
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Da die Gegebenheiten und Anwendungen bei der Verwendung von Reflexionsband sehr unterschiedlich sind, sollte sich der Anwender durch Vorversuche vergewissern, dass das Reflexionsband für die vorgesehene Endanwendung geeignet ist.