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Telecoms fibre optic cables are evolving

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The telecoms industry is changing and technology changes with it.

Outdated copper cables need replacing. Demand for data is increasing. New networks are needed so that information can flow freely, securely and reliably.

What is the solution? On Wednesday 9th June or Thursday 10th June we discussed ‘The evolution of fibre optics in the telecoms industry’.

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Learn how Coats is leading the way in the latest innovative, disruptive products to keep cables protected and connected.

In addition hear from our innovators about Coats Gotex StremX – a new generation of high-performance yarn that’s being used as a superior strength element in fibre optic cables.

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Coats Fibre Optic Innovative Solutions

Coats has also developed cutting edge products and services for the wire & cable industry, specifically in the area of fibre optic cable manufacturing.

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Coats Gotex Telecom Solutions

Watch our new video below to learn more about Coats and Gotex products and solutions for the cable industry.

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