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Functional yarns for sports activewear

CoatsKnit Function

Supports the creation of durable activewear

Delivering activewear which can withstand the rigours of high intensity exercise, whilst providing enhanced comfort and breathability is an essential requirement.

At Coats, we have developed a range of engineered yarns to help facilitate the creation of activewear which performs to this standard.

CoatsKnit Functional Yarn

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CoatsKnit Ultra


In order to create this drawn textured filament yarn, minerals are added to the polymer chips which leads to a longlasting cooling effect in activewear garments.

Fitur dan Manfaat

  • Provides a refreshing handfeel
  • 100% natural inorganic minerals, safe and skin-friendly


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CoatsKnit AirDry


This drawn textured filament yarn incorporates a fibre cross section and groove core structure, which helps to absorb sweat from the surface of the skin and expel it.

Fitur dan Manfaat

  • Benefit from enhanced breathability and moisture management
  • Provides a lightweight feeling


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