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Earth Day commemorates the inception of the contemporary environmental movement in 1970. Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd every year to exhibit a collective commitment towards environmental protection and sustainability.

It acts as an annual reminder to raise awareness of critical environmental issues, promote sustainability, and reduce the adverse effects of environmental degradation on human health. At the same time, we celebrate this day to mark the progress made towards protecting our environment.

At Coats, we are committed to sustainability, reducing energy consumption, and manufacturing a diverse range of sustainable products, thus taking action to reduce our environmental impact. This year, the theme for the 2024 Earth Day campaign is ‘Planet vs. Plastics’. The theme reflects the urgent need to address the spread of plastic waste and its adverse effects on ecosystems, wildlife, human health, and the planet.

“At Coats, sustainability is at the heart of our business. We are dedicated to creating a workplace culture which prioritises conserving the planet and raises awareness about various environmental issues. Through our Coats Cares programme, our employees get the opportunity to carry our various environment friendly initiatives to counteract the detrimental effects caused by pollution. Coats is continuing to play its part in helping build a sustainable future for all.”

– Farnaz Ranjbar, Chief Human Resources Officer.

Case Study: Circular Recycling at Ho Chi Minh City

A considerable proportion of the plastic cone supports, which we utilise to wind our finished thread products, are obtained from circular plastic feedstocks. These feedstocks are drawn from remoulded and recycled plastic, creating a closed-loop system that originates from the plastic ‘dyeing centres’ employed in our dyeing processes.

Our manufacturing unit in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, circular recycled over 216 tonnes of plastic in 2023 in this way, while our Romania facility circular recycled over 60 tonnes during the same period. The wood pallets used for transporting our grey thread can be returned to the supplier, for reuse, establishing a circular system for shipping materials. Last year, 95 tonnes of wood was recycled in this manner.

Circularity in Packaging Case Study

Coats Initiative to Reduce Microfibre Plastic Pollution

Eco-B is a recycled polyester thread that features an additive from CiCLO® to reduce the buildup of synthetic fibres in oceans and landfills. This innovative technology forms biodegradable spots within the polymer matrix, allowing naturally occurring microbes in specific environments to decompose the plastics in a similar manner to natural fibres.

The introduction of Eco-B is a significant milestone in Coats’ Eco Journey plan to manufacture groundbreaking sustainable products that contribute to Coats’ unwavering commitment to achieving a circular economy. This journey commenced with the launch of Coats EcoVerde in 2018, which has now become one of the most extensive collections of 100% recycled polyester threads in the market. It further progressed with the introduction of Coats EcoRegen, a 100% lyocell thread made from sustainably sourced wood pulp, and Coats EcoCycle, one of the first water dissolvable threads, designed to enable garment disassembly for circularity.

Coats has developed three forms of Eco-B: Epic Eco-B, Sylko Eco-B and Gramax Eco-B, offering. Eco B products are non-toxic for marine life and have obtained certification from the Global Recycled Standard (GRS).

Coats Eco Journey

This innovation combines the durability of virgin materials with the eco-friendly feature of biodegradability, preventing pollution in our oceans and landfills. By mimicking the behaviour of natural fibres, synthetic plastic fibres are now a step closer to solving the issue of plastic pollution.

Further Developments

The team at the Madurai hub collaborates closely with the Innovation Hub in Shenzhen, China. The Shenzhen hub transforms the threads manufactured in Madurai into prototype products. While a significant focus is on innovative biomaterials, there is also ongoing work on recycled and sustainable plastic materials, incorporating use of textile waste.

In 2023, Coats Bangladesh completed the installation of a 421-kW rooftop solar power plant at its Gazipur factory in partnership with SOLARIC Energy. This solar initiative generates 850 MWh of renewable energy annually, leading to a 12% decrease in energy consumption from fossil fuel-based sources and a reduction of approximately 528 tonnes of CO2 emissions (equivalent to planting up to 45,000 trees annually). By utilising 50,000 square feet of the Gazipur warehouse roof, the manufacturing unit now relies on renewable sources for up to 40% of its electricity supply during daylight hours. Building on this achievement, a similar solar project is scheduled for this year at our Chittagong factory, where a 550-kW installation will further drive our group’s shift towards renewable energy.

We are currently broadening the utilisation of recycled polyester derived from drink bottles. By incorporating recycled fibres, we are able to minimise our reliance on oil, prolong the lifespan of polymers, and decrease CO2 emissions in the fibres by an impressive 40%. Our unwavering dedication lies in reducing our carbon footprint and advocating for adopting renewable energy sources.

We acknowledge the importance of preserving our environment and are dedicated to reaching our climate targets that align with worldwide initiatives to ensure a sustainable and positive future for everyone. We actively assist customers in their sustainability endeavours by offering environmentally friendly solutions, and we are at the forefront of creating innovative sewing threads made from circular materials.

Let us continue our joint efforts to in prioritising sustainability and build a sustainable world for the betterment of future generations. As we celebrate Earth Day, let us commit to making positive changes that will yield benefits for years to come.

We, as Coats, will continue our joint efforts in prioritising sustainability and forging a sustainable world for the betterment of future generations. As we celebrate Earth Day, we are committed to making positive changes that will yield benefits for years to come.

Coats Sri Lanka

On 22nd March 2024, Coats Sri Lanka launched a PET bottle collection post at the factory premises where employees can dispose of their plastic waste for recycling. Coats Sri Lanka also signed a non-commercial agreement with a local plastic recycling service provider named ‘INOVA Environment’ who will collect the accumulated waste from the factory premises on a regular basis. Such initiatives will help fight plastic pollution and reduce its detrimental effects on the environment.

Coats Sri Lanka for Earth Day

Coats Colombia

Coats Colombia planted multiple trees called ‘Guayacanes’ in their facilities during the Coats Sustainability Week. These trees grow several metres tall and help to reduce the CO2 footprint, provide shade, and brighten up the environment with colourful flowers. Lots of employees took part in this initiative which taught many employees how to plant a tree properly and gave them a chance to play their part in helping conserve the environment.

Coats Colombia for Earth Day

Coats India

Venkatesh Ps (Global Supply Chain and Planning Director) has been on a personal journey to help conserve our beautiful planet. Over the past 3 years he has helped to plant over 1100 trees across different regions of India. This has helped reduce the CO2 footprint while supporting underprivileged farmers. Venkatesh Ps was inspired to carry out this initiative by learning about the work of the organisation ‘SankalpTaru Foundation’ an IT enabled NGO. Venkatesh Ps likes to connect his personal achievements with his contribution to the society. He plants trees during celebratory occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or special occasions such as International Women’s Day. He also has big plans to continue playing his part in environmental conservation.

Coats India for Earth Day

A Poem on Environmental Conservation

One Earth, Many Leaves

In this mosaic of leaves, we find our kin,
From Himalayan peaks to coastal din.
Each tree, a prayer for our shared worth,
For we are custodians of one fragile Earth.
So let us plant, tend, and protect,
For every native species is a promise kept.
In their shade, we learn what it’s worth,
To cherish this planet – the only One Earth.

– Venkatesh Ps and AI.

Coats Bangladesh

Coats Bangladesh organised a beach clean-up event at Patenga Beach. More than 50 employees from the Coats Chattogram plant in Bangladesh participated in this Coats Care initiative. Thousands of people visit beaches during the summer, and occasionally those tourists bring debris. The employees helped gather the debris and delivered it to a recycling facility. The ecosystem around beaches is delicate, therefore we need to do our best to maintain the cleanliness of the beaches which can contribute to the overall sustainability of our planet.

Coats Bangladesh for Earth Day