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Coats S Picta

High quality printing on zips
Coats has developed a new printing technique called “Picta”.

Coats S Picta allows high quality printing; more accurate, less smudged and colours are more resistant to washing. We can reproduce any pattern repetitions such as a customer logo or fabric design.

Discover how Coats S Picta can enhance the appearance of your products. Download our product datasheets or contact one of our experts.

Available types

  Close end Open End Zip Two Way Open End TWCE O-form TWCE X-form Continuous chain
  Close End Open End Two Way Open End TWCE O-form TWCE X-form Continuous Chain
S60 Available Available Available Available Available

Additional Options

  • Picta fabric
    Picta fabric
  • Picta logo
    Picta logo
  • Picta rainbow
    Picta rainbow
  • Picta rose
    Picta rose
  • Picta tucano
    Picta tucano


The Picta printing technique with the chain on the reverse side (flat side of the chain) can be made only on a flat surface, where no crease is created by the spiral. The print can be in the middle of the tape or on the whole surface of the zip according to customers’ requirements. Coats ensure that all Picta zips are made to meet International and local standards.

Any chain shade can be used for Picta printing but it must be different to the ink colour used, to ensure the contrast is visible.

Coats Picta zips can be dry cleaned and can also be washed domestically at 40°C. In the case of S60 “0 distance” continuous chains (CC) print on raw tape, a wash test has already been done up to 90°C (5 consecutive washes) without any change being made to the print. Coats Picta zips cannot be bleached; they must be ironed at a medium temperature and there are no precautions to be taken for hand washing.