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CoatsKnit Warm

Drawn texturised filament yarn for knitting
CoatsKnit Warm is a textured polyester filament yarn for knitting, which provides a warm touch in footwear knitted uppers and apparel applications.

As a part of our commitment to ethically building a sustainable future, CoatsKnit Warm can be made from 100% GRS Certified recycled materials as well as virgin origin. It is also available in a PFC free water repellent finish (AWF) to stop moisture in its tracks.

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Features and Benefits


  • CoatsKnit Warm is a 100% DTY Polyester yarn
  • Dark grey appearance to match most designs
  • Round cross-sectional filament
  • Low bulk option
  • Available in Coats AWF PFC Free water repellant finish and 100% recycled versions
  • Offers a “warm” touch
  • Coats commitment to ethically building a sustainable future