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Effective Openings and Zip Lengths

Fly Length

Normal Rise Short Rise
Normally the bottom part of the zip should be in line with the hips to ensure full effective opening of the fly and allow easy and comfortable dressing. Short rise garments are more prone to the wearer damaging the zip if a bartack is not in place. When the bottom part of the zip is above the hips line, it makes it more difficult for the wearer to dress/undress properly and in comfort. Customers tend to leave the zip open when trying to put on their footwear. More strain is therefore applied to the zip which may result in teeth, slider and bottom stop damage. Therefore, a safety bartack must be used without exception.

Zip Length and Effective Opening

Zip ordering length – All measurements are based on the ends of the components or slider where fitted.

Closed end zip – The length of the zip is measured from the bottom of the bottom stop to the head of the slider when closed.

Effective opening – must be suitable for the style and fit of the application.

The effective opening is less than the ordering length because of the end components (bottom stop) and the slider.

To achieve an effective opening of 18cms, a zip of at least 19cms will be required, possibly longer, depending on the size of the zip and the construction of the garment.

Pockets must be accessible or false. Too short a pocket opening can cause injury to fingers / hands in tight fit applications regardless of how well the product is polished.