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The achievement of softer, flatter and more secure seams is the goal of technologists as they develop active wear, intimates and other apparel in an ever increasing array of high tech fabrics.

To ensure that a garment will be fit for purpose and can withstand the strain from repeated wear throughout its life cycle, the designer must consider seam strength, appearance, required stretch, bulkiness and softness. Seams that come into direct contact with the skin should be secure and yet soft to avoid potential irritation to the skin.

Features and benefits of our soft seams

With our premium product range we help to deliver soft and secure seams, ensuring high quality and superior athleisure sewn products.

Soft and secure sewing threads


Maximise comfort with an ultra-soft feel providing a smooth touch against the skin.

Sewing thread for stretch seams  


Wearing fashionable gym clothes to the grocery store, out with friends, and even to the office is not just a trend, but a cultural shift. Details such as, flatness and neatness of the seam appearance help to bring fashion to a higher standard.

Durable sewing thread
Long Lasting

Excellent abrasion resistance to ensure there is no seam damage.

Sewing thread good stretch recovery
Stay focused

No skin chafing, good recovery with no deformation to the seam after stretching. Stay stylish and comfortable whilst maintaining focus.

Sewing thread to meet stringent standards for next-to-skin garments

Health and safety

To meet stringent standards for next-to-skin garments: Oeko-tex certificate category one.

Stretch seams industrial thread


Stretch both laterally and vertically for enhanced mobility, to have the perfect fit not only in front of the mirror but also whilst you move.

Coats stitch type and thread

We help to deliver soft and secure seams, ensuring superior athleisure end products.

Thread Type




Soft microfilament
textured polyester

Soft texturised

Soft and high
in elasticity

Stitch types

Coverseams 406
Overlock 504 or 514
Flatseams 605 or 607

Coverseams 406
Overlock 504 or 514
Flatseams 605 or 607

Lockstitch 301
Coverseams 406
Overlock 504 or 514
Flatseams 605 or 607

Mother baby blue softness

360 Soft and secure seams

Contact us to learn about our solutions for soft and secure seams.

Flatseam 605

Flatseam 607


Seamsoft MUM


Gramax MUM

Soft and secure seamsSoftness

A microfilament textured polyester thread that offers exceptional softness and comfort, especially in ‘next-to-skin’ seams. It offers excellent seam covering properties and extensibility for knitted and stretch fabrics.

A continuous filament textured polyester thread. It is used on overlocking and cover seaming machine needle and looper threads to provide softness and comfort.

Epic MUM  

Abrasion resistenceAbrasion
Eloflex MUM  

Elongation threadElongation

A versatile polyester-wrapped corespun needle thread with a polyester filament core where the fibre and filament combine to provide high tensile strength.

Coats Eloflex has good tenacity and is high in elasticity. Its ideal for use in seams on garments made from fabrics with high extension properties.

Surfilor MUM
Epic Protect MUM

Coats Surfilor is an exceptionally soft texturised nylon sewing thread which produces flatter, smoother, neater seams with a luxurious feel. It is especially suitable for “next-to-skin” seams where a nylon thread is preferred.

Excellent abrasion resistance to ensure there is no seam damage.