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ProWeave, our unique patented jacquard weaving technology in an exclusive engineered uppers or fabrics.

ProWeave is the ultimate solution born out of combining creativity and functional weaving with the most advanced techniques. Perfectly developed to meet the exacting requirements of the world’s biggest brands, it creates unique jacquard fabrics where zones of different elasticity, stability, and abrasion unite seamlessly.

Experience a breakthrough in jacquard weaving technology, where fabrics are reimagined for the footwear, apparel, fashion, and luxury goods industries.

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Numerous finishing possibilities: coatings, membranes, linings (mesh, stretch), foams, paddings, thermic insulation, (PFC free), printing, dyeing, mechanical and chemical treatments. Developed to meet your exact requirements with multi-directional zonal stretch.

Effortlessly blend diverse yarn thicknesses and weights, fabric references and colours together – creating unique and seamless designs with localised features and properties.




With distinctive gradients, rib, waffle and 3D effects, this innovative technology allows for the creation of unique woven combinations on the same loom, unleashing new possibilities in both development and design.

Actively aiding the design process, ProWeave is suitable for the production of all kinds of woven footwear and is equally an ideal solution for clothing, apparel and accessories manufacturers that want to employ novel performance fabrics.




Designed to support our industry’s sustainability drive.

ProWeave uses a single efficient process to create woven uppers with localised features which means less energy consumption. In addition, recycled yarns can also be incorporated to build recyclable structures for circular projects. Moreover, all of cuts are suitable for recycling. ProWeave can support your sustainability drive.


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