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Supporting you to stay on top of denim trends and create high performance, iconic denim pieces that last a lifetime.

Coats offers a complete range of products, solutions and services to help you react and respond quickly to denim trends and market dynamics and to create optimal denim pieces that meet your quality and design requirements.


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Denim washing

Denim washing processes are many and varied. Often the objective is to distress the garment to achieve a desired appearance and to soften an otherwise harsh fabric. However, every small step in denim washing makes a big difference to the finished garment in denim manufacturing.
With our technical expertise, Coats can help you address the key challenges that various denim washing processes pose, allowing you to create high quality, iconic denim pieces that last a lifetime.

Coats’ expertise spans a wide range of denim washing processes, including:

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Coats’ denim wash solutions

Coats’ denim wash solutions

Coats’ range of sewing threads have been designed specifically to withstand the rigours of denim washing and to create distinctive denim pieces through contrast colours and other decorative applications.

Denim dyeing

Minimise the negative impacts of denim dyeing processes with our technical expertise and superior product range.
Dyeing is a crucial part of the denim manufacturing process. However, it can create a whole range of issues including:
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To avoid these problems, choosing the right thread is crucial – Coats’ solutions for sewing post dyed garments have been specially developed to overcome the challenges associated with dyeing processes.

Coats Dymax

A fit-for-purpose mercerised cotton sewing thread specifically for garment dye end-use, for both untreated and mercerised 100% cotton fabrics.

Coats Dual Duty Supercotton

A premium quality corespun sewing thread specially engineered for use in the
manufacture of post dyed cotton garments – it dyes as well as cotton but has the
strength of polyester.

Find out more about sewing post dyed garments

Laser fading technology

We can supply the perfect thread for every type of laser application to create the desired
effect on your denim pieces, including whisker, rodeo, fashion patterning, and destroyed

Find out more about how we can support your laser wash needs

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Stretch denim

For stretch fabrics repair rates in denim can reach up to 40% after washing- but with our thread solutions this can be reduced up to 5%

Coats Eloflex for soft wash with high stretch

Eloflex is an innovative performance stretch sewing thread for high extension, stretch seams. It has good tenacity, high extension properties and excellent sewability. Eloflex is suitable for high stretch rinse wash applications on denim.

Coats Nylbond for harsh wash with stretch

Nylbond cuts cleanly at thread trimming with no ply separation and provides superior abrasion resistance in the sewn product. Nylbond is popular for stretch denims subject to heavy bleach and stone washes.
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Decorative stitching

Create a statement using our wide range of solutions for denim decorative stitching.
From eye-catching metallic threads to striking multicolour sewing threads, at Coats we have a wide range of products to help you create attractive and stand-out styles for denim.
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Metallic solutions

Coats Brio Metallic

Add some decorative bling to denim with these brilliant metallised shades. Available in gold, silver and copper.

Coats Epic Metallic

Create eye-catching decorative stitching with a fun pick-and-mix coloured metallic thread range.

Multicolour solutions

Coats Epic Multicolour

Injection dyed with up to 6 different colours to give an attractive, varied multicolour effect especially on darker fabrics and washed-out denim.

Coats Dual Duty Multi

Make topstitching pop with this unique and attractive heather-effect thread.

Other innovative decorative solutions

Coats Sylko Pearl

Produces a striking, pearlescent look, ideal for stunning machine embroidery designs and decorative stitching.

Coats Lucence

A decorative embroidery thread with a special ‘glow in the dark’ effect to add to children’s clothing or fashion apparel.

Coats Signal

Signal is a retro-reflective sewing and embroidery thread. It is primarily for high visibility in fashion apparel and can give a 3D reflective stitching effect.

Find out more about how we can support your decorative stitching needs