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Sports Balls

Sports Balls

From hand made cricket balls to machine manufactured footballs, we provide a diverse selection of sewing threads that can be customised to meet manufacturer requirements.

For traditionally hand made cricket balls, we recommend linen, a natural fibre that has a natural appearance, does not melt and has virtually no elasticity.

For more information, check out our recommendations below.

Application guide

We can tailor the product application guide to show you the exact information you require, please select the necessary options from the filter below. Below are recommended stitch types for this end use item.

Garment category Machine type Stitch type Stitch rating per 3cm Needle thread Under thread Needle size Nm
- Lockstitch 301 Epic Epic
Tex 80, 105 Tex 80, 105
Ticket 40, 30 Ticket 40, 30
- Lockstitch 301 Nylbond Nylbond
Tex 70, 90, 135 Tex 70, 90, 135
Ticket 40, 30, 20 Ticket 40, 30, 20
- Hand Sewing Linen Linen
Tex 276, 368, 460, 552 Tex 276, 368, 460, 552


Since conditions and applications vary considerably in the use of the thread, Coats and its distributors can make no guarantee of results. These recommendations are given in good faith but without warranty or liability on the company or its employees. The thread user should assure herself or himself by preliminarily testing that the thread is suitable for the end use intended. Technical information listed above is based on current averages and should be taken only as indicative.