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Coats is a world leader in delivering quality products and services to the apparel, footwear and accessories industries. We are privileged to work in close collaboration with the world’s leading apparel, footwear and accessories brands and retailers and thousands of manufacturers in over 70 countries. Innovation is one of the critical needs of the industry.

Building on a long pioneering history, Coats’ strategy for profitable growth includes developing and supplying complementary goods and services which add significant value to customers. Our R&D and Digital programmes are focused on creating value added propositions and we are proud to highlight some of the recent innovations applicable to our core apparel and footwear segment.

Coats Protect

The world’s first, an innovative chemical treatment process has been developed and tested gives anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties to our sewing threads, which can then be used in a wide range of sewing applications. These include hygienic surgical gowns, outdoor apparel such as down jackets to protect against mildew and in footwear to help reduce odour.

The anti-microbial treatment creates a “zone of inhibition” that prevents the growth of odour and stain causing bacteria and pathogens around the seam, leaving seam crevices clean and fresh.

All main thread substrates used for apparel and footwear can have this treatment applied. Thread brands include Epic Protect, Gral Protect and Nylbond Protect.

Coats Epic Verifi

Epic is the flagship brand of Coats. It is a well known versatile quality polyester corespun sewing thread used by leading brands and manufacturers worldwide in a wide range of products to make them better.

In line with our aim of adding value to our partners, we have introduced an innovative new traceable version of Epic.

Epic Verifi has a unique ID integrated to the sewing thread to allow traceability of products using this thread anywhere in the supply chain. A proprietary reader is used to identify if the tracer is present in the thread sewn into the seam.

The technology does not change the specification of the thread nor does it compromise sewing performance or colour.

Coats Secura

Another development is a thermoplastic coated fusible corespun thread to enhance the security of button and sequin attachment. Exhibiting the same sewability, abrasion resistance and tenacity expected from a Coats corespun thread, the bonding property of Secura ensures thread ends will not loosen and usually the garment fabric will tear before a button can be pulled off when attached by Coats Secura thread. Especially valuable for childrenswear.

Signal Range

Coats Signal is a range of threads, trims and zips with retro-reflective properties for fashion applications. When illuminated by a light source, it helps to enhance the visibility at night-time or in difficult weather conditions and adds that extra special decorative feature.

Signal thread combines the tenacity of a polyester filament cover with a retro-reflective core to provide excellent strength, durability and good sewability. The range includes Signal elastic tapes and transfer film which combines the same reflective qualities with the flexibility of elastic tapes, and films that can be cut to any shape including logos. Signal zips provide the strength and durability of the Opti S range with retro-reflective zip tapes.

The Signal range of thread, zip and trim products for activewear add that extra special eye-catching fashion design element and help to enhance product visibility.

Whether it is a reflective zip you are looking for, or to add a 3D stitching effect to your engineered garment, Coats has a Signal product to meet your requirements.

Signal Range
Signal Elastic Transfer Film Signal Elastic Sew-on Tape Opti S Signal zips
Signal elastic transfer film is made of high performance glass beads laminated to a durable polymer layer with a heat reactive adhesive on the back side. The product is applied either to the finished garment or cut panels by using a heat press.
It is suitable for all types of high visibility applications.
Signal elastic sew-on tape is available in single or doublesided tapes. They are made of high performance glass beads laminated onto a polyester/spandex fabric.
These tapes can be used in seams as an alternative to traditional piping.
Opti S Signal zips have retro-reflective coated bands as an intrinsic feature of the tape positioned close to the spiral, on both the front and reverse sides.

Zips Innovations

Opti LogoUnder the Opti brand, we offer a wide variety of zip fasteners for manufacturers of clothing, footwear and accessories. Our product range covers a wide variety of end uses. The Opti range is backed by our unrivalled zip manufacture technology, designed to give Coats customers a product they can trust every time. Our Opti LUX brand of zips are specially designed to cater to the needs of high quality leather goods brands.

Opti S Gym Zip Opti P Grip Zip Ergonomic puller for Invisible Zips Opti LUX Duo and Trio
Opti S Gym_tcm Opti P Grip Zip_tcm Ergonomic Puller_tcm Opti LUX Duo_tcm
The Opti S Gym zip features a clip down puller which stays in position when doing sports and strenuous activities. Opti P Grip was originally developed in association with a major European retailer to meet the needs of smaller hands and those with less grip and mobility.
The task – Create a zip with easy pin entry for children and elderly people.The result – Opti P Grip zip.
These ergonomic pullers for invisible zips were also developed as a response to a request from a large European retailer.
The task – Create an ergonomic puller for easier handling.
The result – A new unique puller development for use on all ladies skirts and trousers with the retailer.
Opti LUX Duo and Opti LUX Trio are luxury zips with a double and triple chain. They are ideally suited to high end goods and features individually polished teeth and smooth slider running. Many different combinations can be created by choosing from a variety of teeth sizes and a wide range of finishes. The double / triple chain of Opti LUX Duo / Trio also gives you the opportunity to select complementary or contrasting colour tapes, for even greater creativity and personalisation!

Digital Estate

Convenience for customers, speed to market, and leading edge service are the drivers of the Coats’ Digital strategy. This has led us to re-engineer internal processes and create a number of ground breaking digital tools and offers for the industry.

eComm Online Ordering 

State-of-the-art online tool Coats eComm, now makes ordering thread easier and faster than ever before.

Seamworks Thread Calculator

Coats Seamworks is an innovative online software application designed to help you accurately calculate your thread cost and reduce wastage.

We have recently launched our new online application Coats SeamWorks Cloud, developed by our software group, Coats Digital. Coats SeamWorks Cloud delivers helpful new features and will ensure that you benefit from the latest updates, without you needing to do anything. It can be accessed via any browser from any device giving you the flexibility of accessing anywhere, anytime.

The tool will help you to:

  • Calculate the thread quantity required and cost for any garment type
  • Establish the number of cones of thread needed per production order
  • Monitor thread waste
  • Quick standard calculation templates for garment types
  • ‘My History’ page which allows customers to maintain records of thread usage by different categories such as principals and production units
  • Allows bulk upload of operation details from external files such as IEs’ operations sequence and analysis

New features include:

  • Access to new features (not available in the desktop version)
  • Automatic feature updates as they are released
  • Connectivity with other applications (e.g. GSDCost)
  • Portable browser-based access
  • Excel upload function
  • Remote cost file management
  • Secure access through Single Sign On
  • Cloud storage
  • Remote setup, training, maintenance, and troubleshooting

Please contact your local Sales Office to find out more about Coats Innovations.