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Home • Industry FAQs • Why does the sewing machine needle get very hot?
  1. Needle heat is caused by friction. That may be friction between the needle and the fabrics being sewn or from the machine or its settings. Blunt or damaged needles will increase temperatures quicker which can melt or fuse the sewing thread.
  2. Good quality sewing threads have specially developed lubricants applied to them which help the sewing thread to deliver excellent sewability and to dissipate this needle heat.
  3. This excessive needle heat may be caused by the needle eye being too small for the size of sewing thread being used. Other reasons for needle heat include The hole in throat plate is too large for the needle size being used. The needle is off centre to the plate hole causing it to rub the edge of the throat plate. The needle guard in the machine is rubbing against the needle, or the hook or stitch forming device, striking the needle at the time of taking the loop of needle thread to create the stitch.