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Startseite • Industry FAQs • How can I stop skipped stitches?
  1. Is the thread tension too tight causing a small loop to form? The tension or the take ups on the sewing machine may need adjusting.
  2. Has the needle become bent or blunt and needs to be replaced.
  3. Is the needle the wrong size and needs to be changed to the correct size or does the sewing machine need adjustment to accommodate a different needle size.
  4. Has a different needle or thread been issued to the one previously used? Check and change as required.
  5. Has the sewing machine been threaded correctly? This needs to be checked and then rethreaded as required.
  6. Is the pressure foot pressure sufficient to allow positive feed or does it need increasing to ensure positive feed motion.
  7. Has the needle been set in the machine correctly? Does it need to be re set into the correct position.