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At Coats, our Embroidery Solution Centres are one of the best embroidery solutions available globally. We have 6 Embroidery Solution Centres around Asia which enable both brands and vendors to improve the quality of their embroidery designs almost instantaneously.

Coats Embroidery Solution Centre teams improve the quality and appearance of your embroidery, and in addition will also increase productivity by minimising machine downtime and streamlining workflow. We’re constantly searching for ways to improve quality, to create stunning new effects and techniques and to solve productivity problems to keep your costs competitive. We understand that staying at the cutting edge is what it takes to keep your customers coming back. Our expertise can help you achieve just that.

We can combine this with our digital tool Embroidery Design Viewer (EDV). From our ESC’s we can then obtain the DST file, which is the standard file format for embroidery designs. From that we can look at improvements to the designs, the backing materials, the needle and thread types to ensure that we can recommend a perfect standard. Brands can then issue this to their embroidery factories to ensure their brand logo is standardised, stands out and be a quality final product, regardless of which vendor they choose.

Designs can then assessed in regards to how long they take to sew, how many stitches and review of the final colour. Within the Embroidery Design Viewer there is our Coats Sylko shadecard so design colour, the backing material and the shade of the backing material can be reviewed and approved to ensure a brand’s stitched logo design follows their brand guidelines as closely as possible.

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