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Coats Cares winners make a bigger difference for our communities

Here at Coats Indonesia, we are excited to announce that we are 2023 Coats Care winners, and have been chosen to lead even more impactful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives throughout 2024.

This victory highlights Indonesia’s commitment to social responsibility and community development. But, as Denden Deni, HRBP of Coats Indonesia in Pleret, says, “It is not just an honour, but a call to action.”

Bringing safe water to schools

Access to clean water is vital for health and education. We will implement a program to provide reliable and safe water sources to schools in underserved areas, ensuring that students and staff have access to clean drinking water daily.

This is an exciting extension of our work in the village of Pleret, where we have two water wells for our production facilities. Here, we share 50,000 litres with the local community every month. Ngyen Phan, our Managing Director, is proud of our achievements, and excited for the future.

“Pleret is a very dry place. There are up to 10 months of no rain per year. Before we shared the water, the local people would need to either walk a very long distance or buy expensive water.

We would like to build pipes, so that we can supply water directly to a local school. Water is the essence of life, and it should be easy for us all to have access to it.”

Water distribution

Growing a love of learning

Our second initiative is to establish Reading Corners in schools and community centres. We will fill these with a wide range of books, creating an environment where children and adults can cultivate a lifelong habit of reading.

Children drinking water

Keeping our communities clean

Finally, we’ll be providing durable trash carts to improve waste management practices in areas lacking adequate facilities. This will reduce environmental pollution, and promote responsible waste disposal.

“These initiatives reflect our commitment to the well-being of our communities and the environment. We are excited to implement these programs and make a lasting positive impact,” says Lena Novianti, Coats Care Ambassador for Indonesia.

From our villages, to all over the world

Since its launch, Coats Cares has recognised countless contributions and initiatives from winners like Coats Indonesia. Aligned to the Group Purpose of “Connecting talent, textiles and technology to make a better and more sustainable world”, Coats recognises the need and are fully committed to being a good corporate citizen – locally, nationwide and globally.

Drinking water