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Coats Permess Seam Tape

For pucker-free seams on non-iron shirts
Coats Permess Seam Tape is the perfect product for non-iron / easy-care shirts.

These shirts require minimal care therefore sometimes a Seam Tape is used to eliminate seam puckering and maintain excellent appearance before and after wash. Coats Permess has a range of Shirt Interlinings and Seam Tapes for these garments.

Discover how Coats Permess Seam Tape can enhance your garments.

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We recommend to test each different outerwear fabric before starting production, in order to obtain optimal results. Please note the above conditions are to be used for guideline purposes only. Customer must adjust conditions to suit their own equipment and fabric type. Coats cannot be held liable for product failure due to inadequate fusing conditions based on above information.