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With a worldwide services team of technical sewing and seam experts, Coats Technical Services can support you wherever you are and whatever the operational problem.

Our Technical Services team members are located throughout the world and have a range of different areas of expertise, allowing to us to support our customers at the needle point globally. Technicians will review the faults at factory floor level, resolve issues as necessary and create a report of corrective actions for the brand.

Economic Value to the Customer (EVC)

Economic Value to the Customer (EVC) is where our Technical Services experts will visit a customer’s factory and conduct a meeting with assessed stakeholders e.g. factory manager, production manager, mechanics, supervisors etc. We can then determine where their problem areas are on the factory floor and can recommend suitable thread types for the machinery being used where they have these specific issues. We will then monitor them or we can help them monitor them over a couple of days to show that by using a better quality thread it will enhance their productivity.

In the last few years we have proven that by using highly engineered thread, we can expect a significant performance improvement. At Coats, we will drastically reduce thread breakages, increasing productivity and improving garment quality.

Productivity Enhancement Solutions

Coats Productivity Enhancement Solution services help you establish where investment in better quality threads will reduce overall sewing costs.

Our technical experts will visit your site to carry out detailed studies on sewing productivity. We then recommend the most optimum thread quality based on your labour costs. A better quality thread will help reduce quality issues, improve productivity and help reduce the amount of rejects and fewer thread breaks. A pilot will also be carried out to prove to you how our recommendations will help reduce your cost of sewing and improve the quality of your end products.

We have carried out numerous case studies with customers in over 30 countries, with most cases resulting in reduced sewing costs by using higher quality threads.

Our experts will be delighted to meet and work with you to jointly explore productivity and quality improvement opportunities in your operations with a view to improving your profitability.

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