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Digital Solutions for Sports Footwear

Sports Footwear

Game changing innovation, one step at a time.

As part of Coats commitment to deliver industry leading service, we have created a new 3D tool which allows our customers to select from a range of knitting yarns, composites and threads to create the base for the perfect sports shoe.

It’s our small way of helping you stay a step ahead of the competition.

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Coats Sports Footwear Video


Learn how the CoatsKnit range can be seamlessly integrated with existing premium sewing threads like Coats Nylbond, and composites Coats Lattice Lite, to deliver a complete footwear solution.

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Servizi Tecnici Coats


Coats Technical Services are on hand to support you with footwear manufacture. They boast a wealth of experience and can assist you throughout the project lifecycle from yarn selections to customising designs and ensuring optimal efficiency across production. This support can be delivered through different mechanisms to suit you.


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At Coats, we offer a complete range of footwear solutions, including customised threads, zips and trims from high end fashion and casualwear to protective boots and shoes.


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