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Aramid Fiber Protos Ripcord

Coated para-aramid fiber optic yarn for armoured and non-armoured cable ripcords.
Coats Protos Ripcord is a continuous filament, twisted, para-aramid yarn designed specifically for cable ripcord applications.

The unique protective film coating is highly abrasion resistant and proven to help reduce ripcord size, especially in armoured cable applications.

Coats Protos Ripcordfibre optics yarn is produced using the latest twisting technology, which is a highly controlled twisting process that ensures optimal ripcord performance.

Cable reels brown

Caratteristiche e vantaggi


  • Superior ripping action due to unique product design
  • Specialised packages (tubes, cones, spools, measured length or weight)
  • Package stability adjustments based on pay-off requirement
  • Fiber optic yarns have the ability to design tack, wind ratio, and density to satisfy unique needs
  • Yield advantage and cost efficiency
  • All sizes available in multiple colours (Aramid Yellow, Red, Orange, Blue, Green)

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