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Coats Orbit Technology yarns are engineered with an innovative construction that improve the quality of the end product significantly, without compromising on value.

Thanks to the innovative construction, fabrics made with Orbit yarns result in improved pilling resistance as well as have excellent moisture transportation properties compared to ring spun yarns. These yarns also have zero torque in a core spun construction and low hairiness.

Armoren yarn production

Caratteristiche e vantaggi


  • Improved pilling resistance
  • Low hairiness
  • Excellent moisture transportation properties
  • Soft and cool touch
  • Custom blends up to five fibres
  • Large selection of fibre types
  • Yarn dyed and dope dyed colours available
  • Core spun available with filament or spun core
  • Provides peace of mind and enhances your product capabilities
  • Global sourcing and availability


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