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Sponsoring children’s education, empowering futures

Our commitment to making a positive impact on communities and the world has been present throughout our 270 year history. This is deeply ingrained in our culture, exemplified by our “Coats Cares” program.

Here in Bangladesh, we are proud to have been recognised by Coats Cares for supporting future generations in our communities through our Education Sponsorship Programme for underprivileged children.

Led by Monjori Drong, our team collaborated with UTSHO, a community-based organisation working to promote access to basic rights for children. UTSHO provides care for 500 children in one residential and two non-residential schools.

We firmly believe every child deserves access to quality education. Our sponsorship initiative aims to support the education of 15 underserved children for a full year, with ongoing assistance planned for the coming years.

It is concerning to witness these children facing barriers to such basic necessities. They come from impoverished families and are usually forced to leave formal education as nobody can afford their education expenses. Most of their income is allocated to other necessities such as food and rent.

Sponsorship gives such children new hope to grow, learn, and build a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.

Bangladesh children performance

Providing support, volunteering time, sharing love

This initiative also helped to generate awareness among company volunteers about the disparities in primary education access. They were inspired by the resilience and aspirations of the children they assisted.

Volunteers spent time with the children, and together, they renovated the Utsho school library. This included painting the walls, chairs, and arranging the books. The children shared their experiences, recited poems, and sang songs. Their vibrant performances during the project filled everyone with insurmountable joy and a sense of fulfilment.

Recently, we have also donated a cutting-edge computer lab to Utsho School, made possible with the money prize won by the Bangladesh team in our Coats Cares program. Children from impoverished families are deprived of modern learning opportunities. A modern Computer Lab would help them find opportunities and connect with the rest of the world. Our Chief HR Officer, Farnaz Ranjbar, had the incredible honor of delivering this gift, experiencing firsthand the love, talent, faith, and hope that radiate throughout the school.

Bangladesh underprivileged children

Our future goals

But our support does not end there. At Coats, we aspire to provide:

Scholarship for enthusiastic children: Education is a luxury for underprivileged children. A lot of these children are keen to learn. All they need is an opportunity to demonstrate their capability.

Meals: Children from the underserved communities are also often food insecure. Providing one nutritious meal during school hours would help support their nutritional requirements.

Support for female hygiene: Many girls drop out of school when they hit puberty. This is predominantly because of the unavailability or unaffordability of sanitary products and lack of awareness. Assisting them with sanitary products provision and building awareness around menstrual health and hygiene would help girls continue their education and prevent them from related diseases.

We firmly believe that our mission goes beyond simply offering education; it involves fostering aspirations, nurturing ambitions, and empowering opportunities.

Through initiatives like these under Coats Cares, we are rewriting the story for underprivileged children.