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Strength Member

Strength Members give strength to the cable needed during installation process.

The strength member supports the majority of structural strength of fibre optic cables and plays a vital role in enhancing the tensile strength, which is highly needed during the installation process.
Strength Member
Gotex FRP

This all-dielectric, fibreglass reinforced plastic composite is used as a central strength member in fibre optic cables.

It has a smooth and consistent cross-section with superior tensile and environmental performance.

Gotex ARP

Gotex ARP is a strong reinforced plastic used to support speciality telecommunication cables which need to be very flexible, lightweight and withstand high tensile forces.
It has a smooth and consistent cross-section.

Gotex FG

Gotex FG offers the optimal sizing level without the coating and it is an extremely flexible, lightweight fibreglass strength member yarn used in fibre optic cables. It also prevents rodent and fire damage.

MUM_Gotex_FG 2
Gotex FGU

Gotex FGU an E-glass reinforcement ideal for dry optical fibre cable designs.

The specially formulated water-blocking coating combined with high precision winding ensures minimal accumulation of dust during cable production.

Protos STM

Stronger than steel and designed to reduce the need for repairs, this 100% para-aramid fibre offers enhanced tensile strength as well as stability to any fibre optic cable.

Protos Ultrabloc

Coats Protos Ultrabloc is a water swellable, super absorbent coated aramid for use in cable strength member applications.
Protos Ultrabloc SM is a standard modulus that is mainly used as a water swellable binder in general telecommunication cables.
Protos Ultrabloc HM is a high modulus that is utilised as a water swellable strength member for ADSS cables.

Gotex StremX (HM – UHM)

Coats Gotex StremX is a new generation of high performance yarn that can be used as a strength element in fibre optic cables.
This new and innovative product has a unique coating that provides the yarn with exceptional mechanical performance.

Gotex StremX

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