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Coats Permess QLEXX

Adds precision shaping to blazers, suits, trousers and shirts
Coats Permess QLEXX tapes add precision shaping to blazers, suits, trousers and shirts that have unstable collars and armholes, crooked lapels, incorrect chest fit and pockets prone to wearing out.

The controlled shrinkage of the tape combined with special thread stitched on the tape makes it a unique solution to keep apparel looking sharp.

Discover how Coats Permess QLEXX can enhance your products.

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We recommend to test each different outerwear fabric before starting production, in order to obtain optimal results. Please note the above conditions are to be used for guideline purposes only. Customer must adjust conditions to suit their own equipment and fabric type. Coats cannot be held liable for product failure due to inadequate fusing conditions based on above information.