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The production of fine tailored garments such as formal suits places a high degree of technical demand on the skills of the manufacturer.

This level of technical demand is also extended to the components used to manufacture these high quality garments. Sewing thread plays a key part in the engineering of the seams of fine tailored garments and this can have a major impact on fine tailored products.

Coats presents a range of sewing threads, designed to meet and exceed the challenges that fine tailoring poses.

Thread Recommendations for Fine Tailoring

Coats Epic Supermax


  • A corespun polyester needle thread that combines a high tenacity filament core with a polyester fibre wrap
  • Special core-spinning technology, producing threads of high lustre and low surface hairiness, which enhances seam appearance
  • Lower controlled elongation in the finer sizes helps combat seam puckering
  • Allows the use of finer thread sizes which gives better seam appearance without compromising seam strength
Article Tex Ticket Total Decitex No. of Plies Package Length
2592 21 150 225 2 10 x 1,000m
2594 21 150 225 2 5,000m
2592 24 120 276 2 10 x 1,000m
2594 24 120 276 2 5,000m
2592 40 70 449 2 10 x 1,000m
2554 105 30 1025 3 10 x 300m

Coats Gramax


  • A high tenacity continuous filament polyester thread
  • Offers a soft feel, good seam coverage and low pressing impression, making it ideal for serging and overlocking the closely woven lightweight fabrics used in modern tailoring
Article Tex Ticket Total Decitex No. of Plies Package Length
5748 10 220 118 1 30,000m

Coats Gral

  • A continuous filament polyester sewing thread developed in two sizes for fine tailoring
  • Ticket 180 offers high tenacity and excellent sewing performance required for fine seams
  • Ticket 300 ideal for serging, seaming, blindstitch, and felling operations


Thread Recommendations for Fine Tailoring
Article Tex Ticket Total Decitex No. of Plies Package Length>
1351 10 300 106 2 20,000m
1348 14 180 165 2 10,000m