COA: 77.77 GBp
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Accueil • Industry FAQs • Why does the Bobbin or looper thread break?
  1. Has the bobbin been fully inserted or seated correctly in the bobbin case? If unsure remove, check and insert again.
  2. Is the bobbin threaded correctly? Is it tangled up and needs to be unthreaded and wound again.
  3. Does the bobbin turn smoothly in bobbin case? If not the bobbin needs to be checked to ensure the thread on the bobbin has been wound evenly, at the correct tension and that too much thread has not been wound onto the bobbin. A pre wound bobbin would help to eliminate this problem.
  4. There is Lint in the bobbin case or shuttle which needs to be removed by cleaning.
  5. Is the tension too tight or does the bobbin over spin. The bobbin case may need adjusting and a washer or spring adding to the case to help prevent over-running.
  6. Are there sharp edges on the bobbin case/spring or looper eyelet which need to smoothed and polished.
  7. Does the bobbin fit in the bobbin case correctly? The size and type of bobbin needs to be checked for suitability, checked for flange distortion and replaced as needed.