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Accueil • Industry FAQs • Why does colour migration occur?
  1. This is the transfer of colour from shoe materials into threads which have been sewn into the seam. The result is unsightly seam appearance. Possible causes are poor leather tanning, poor fastness of dye-stuff materials, solvent or adhesive reacting with dye chemicals or excessive needle heat.
  2. Fibre migration is the breakdown of material fibre which attaches to the threads causing contamination. Possible causes are fibre migration from poor quality material, or material damage caused by excessive needle heat.
  3. Possible Solutions: Ask factory to test the colour fastness of the material; use GEBEDUR needles to reduce needle heat; apply air blower cooling (6 mm from needle eye).
  4. Recommend speed for normal MC is 1,400 rpm or less, recommend speed for computerised stitching is 2,500 rpm or less.
  5. Use of Super Lubrication threads (SL) such as bonded nylon threads or GRAL polyester threads is recommended.