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Accueil • Industry FAQs • What can I do to make my sewn seams less puckered?
  1. Try reducing the thread tensions on your sewing machine.
  2. Try changing your needle as it may be blunt or damaged.
  3. Try changing your stitch length (stitches per inch).
  4. Try changing your presser foot, feeders and plate to match the fabric sewn. Finer plate, feeds and foot for finer fabrics, heavier plate, feeds and foot for heavier fabrics.
  5. Try changing your thread to a finer thread or corespun thread when necessary.
  6. Try not to stretch the fabric as you sew.
  7. Where possible use a stabilizer underneath your fabric.
  8. Use an alternative stitch type which allows more thread into the seam.
  9. Try cutting the fabric to allow seams on a bias.