Sports and activewear

Sports et vêtements de sport

Innovative solutions and dependable products that improve your garments' quality and appearance and increase your productivity and speed to market.

Latest developments

We help deliver a superior activewear experience

Whether your customers are working from home or working out, Coats has the expertise to help you manufacture superior activewear for all occasions.

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Sustainable activewear - look good. Do better

As the demand for sustainable activewear increases, we explore how the apparel industry is taking action.

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Period-Positive Activewear

In our latest article, we look at how Coats and other businesses are helping keep women active on their periods

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Coats AWF Range

Une sécurité accrue quand cela compte le plus.

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About Soft and Secure Seams for Activewear and Intimates

Achieve softer, flatter and more secure seams in the manufacture of active wear, intimates and other apparel in a world of high tech fabrics.

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360° Softness Solutions

Les coutures qui entrent en contact direct avec la peau doivent être sûres et douces pour éviter une irritation potentielle de la peau.

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Fashionable yarns for sports activewear

Our new range of engineered yarns help provide vibrant colour and style in activewear garments.

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Functional yarns for sports activewear

Delivering activewear which can withstand the rigours of high intensity exercise, whilst providing enhanced comfort and breathability.

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