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Coats Permess Embroidery Interlinings

Premium quality interlinings for the garment industry
Coats and Permess have partnered to provide a comprehensive range of interlinings, which are particularly suitable for embroidery design applications in the garment industry.

They are available with the same consistent quality across the world, with technical support provided for peace of mind.

Find out more about this product range by downloading the new Coats Embroidery and Interlinings brochure.

Permess Embroidery Water-soluble - Skirt

Coats Permess Water-soluble


Coats Permess Embroidery Water-soluble interlinings are perfectly formulated to stabilise fabrics when stitching embroidery designs while keeping uniformity and the shape of the embroidery.

They dissolve in 20°C water within 10-30 seconds, leaving embroidery applications soft and comfortable against the skin.

Baby embroidery2

Coats Permess OVER-THE-BACK


Coats Permess Embroidery OVER-THE-BACK interlinings are extremely soft, durable, and lightweight for protecting skin from coarse embroidery threads.

Öko-Tex Standard 100, class I certified, they are ideal for most embroidery applications in newborn garments, children’s wear and sportswear.

Tear away embroidery

Coats Permess Tear-away


Coats Permess Embroidery Tear-away nonwovens are used as a temporary stabiliser when stitching an embroidery design. It can be completely removed by gently tearing the backing away from the embroidery after the embroidery process. After removing the backing, it creates a smoother, more comfortable feel to the skin.

Tear-away is especially useful for fabrics that need some stabilisation during the embroidery process, but do not need support after the embroidery is finished. The tear-away nonwovens can be used for various fabrics. In the case of lightweight thin fabrics, two layers are recommended.

Descargo De Responsabilidad

Recomendamos probar cada tela de prendas de vestir antes de comenzar la producción, para obtener resultados óptimos. Tenga en cuenta que las condiciones anteriores se deben utilizar solo con fines orientativos. El cliente debe ajustar las condiciones para adaptarse a su propio equipo y tipo de tejido. Coats no se hace responsable de la falla del producto debido a condiciones inadecuadas de fusión basadas en la información anterior.