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What is Coats Signal Lucence and why is it special?

Coats Signal Lucence es una gama de cintas de coser, transferencias de calor y material autoadherible que utiliza una patente pendiente, innovación revolucionaria de seguridad basada en tecnología fosforescente (VizLite DT).

It can be sustainably charged in 5 minutes under daylight or within 10 minutes utilising overhead fluorescent light to provide an afterglow for 8 hours. Once integrated into a garment, it offers a service life of 20 years and is fully operational at minus 30 degrees Celsius/under water. What’s more, it will withstand the rigours of industrial washes.

What truly sets Signal Lucence apart is the extra layer of visibility it offers in addition to reflectivity and fluorescence in low light conditions.



How do you produce Signal Lucence?


What are the individual steps?

Signal Lucence is a multilayer system comprising of four parts:

  1. The correct substrate is matched with the end purpose. This could be a Poly/Cotton or Aramid Fabric or Heat applied film.
  2. A suitable adhesive system is then chosen for wash performance, fire retardancy, pressure sensitive adhesion or for heat application
  3. Use a special formulation of Strontium Aluminite based pigments and other selected chemicals for maximum glow intensity, extended decay time and laundry performance.
  4. Finally, a top layer of clear microscopic glass beads is included to add reflective properties, improve launderability and provide a smooth surface.
Signal Tent and Horse

What is so powerful about phosphorescence?


Phosphorescence provides enhanced visibilty and safety when there is no light source. The pigments absorb UV energy from daylight or artificial light, which is subsequently emitted as an afterglow for over 8 hours.

It is a highly technical product, involving quantum physics and forbidden energy.

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How has Signal Lucence been tested for performance and durability?


Independent testing in the US, Sweden and the UK for glow performance, durability and FR properties has been carried out. Whilst there are no specifications for phosphorescent materials used in garments, Signal Lucence is tested against standards for phosphorescent signage. This provides data on the strength of the afterglow for a period of 8 hours and beyond.

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How does Signal Lucence compare with other systems that use LED lights?


In comparison to other systems, Signal Lucence is a passive system with no maintenance required by the wearer. There are no cumbersome batteries and cables adding weight to the garment, which ensures freedom of movement in critical situations.

As there are no electrical or mechanical parts, nothing can go wrong with the solution.


How are you developing the Signal Lucence range?

A new solution will be launched very soon, which is designed purely to meet the visibility and fire safety regulations of the firefighter market. It will encompass florescence, reflectivity and phosphorescence in a single product.

In order to fulfil the design requirements of the sportswear market, a range of colour options
are being developed for the lucence technology.