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One of our most recent ground-breaking product launches was FlamePro™ Splash.

Here are some details about the product, shared by our innovation team.

What is Coats FlamePro™ Splash and why is it special?

Coats FlamePro™ Splash is a fabric specifically engineered to protect workers from molten metal splash — including brass, iron, steel, copper, aluminium and many others.

All metals require significant heat in order to be melted and processed in a foundry. For example, most aluminium foundries heat metal to approximately 1400°F or 760°C. Human skin meanwhile, will sustain a second degree burn at just 118°F.

FlamePro™ Splash is special, thanks to its ability to protect workers from extreme conditions whilst also keeping them cool and comfortable. It is engineered to shed molten metal quickly, like a raincoat sheds water. This ensures high-temperature metals are repelled from the wearer at speed, so protecting them from burns. Other flame-resistant fabrics, such as Aramid-rich materials, will not shed molten metal, which means high-temperature materials will stick to the garment risking potentially significant body burns for the wearer.

Does FlamePro™ Splash offer further protection?

One of our most recent ground-breaking product launches was FlamePro™ Splash. Here are some details about the product, shared by our innovation team.

Yes — when engineering this fabric, we considered the other jobs and hazards arising in a foundry. It is common for personnel to be kitted out in garments made from multiple fabrics. This makes it complicated for the Buyers and Health & Safety personnel responsible for workers in areas where molten metal splashes and electrical hazards occur. That’s why we have ensured FlamePro™ Splash has a safe Arc Thermal Protective Value (ATPV), tried and tested to protect electrical workers at risk of Arc Flash. Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, FlamePro™ Splash is comfortable enough for all employees to wear — and that means Health & Safety managers can now use just one fabric for all their needs.

How do you produce FlamePro™ Splash?

We begin by using a proprietary blend of fibres to create a yarn. This is woven, then moved along to the finishing and inspection process.

How is FlamePro™ Splash tested?

With any materials for use in Personal Protective Equipment, it is vital to validate them safely. So we partnered with laboratories, industry experts and end users to insure all necessary testing criteria were met. We also completed wear-trials and end-user evaluations on garments made from the fabric. Consequently, FlamePro™ Splash has been tested to the following standards and methods:

  • ASTM 955, ISO 9185, ISO 11612, ISO 6330, ASTM 1959

Why is FlamePro™ Splash so comfortable?

Competitive products in the market utilise specific fibres to achieve the necessary shedding of molten metal. Wool is one of example, but while it aids the shedding of molten metal, it does not provide the wearer with the best overall comfort. Wool can be scratchy, hot and tends to shrink after multiple launderings. By contrast, FlamePro™ Splash is engineered to avoid specific fibres, and to maximise comfort and performance. The result is a soft, breathable fabric that comes in slightly lighter than its competitors.

How does the future look for FlamePro™ Splash?

We’ve recently completed full testing for FlamePro™ Splash in North America. There, the industry is beginning to learn its name, and there’s been a significant rise in interest from end users and PPE brands alike. We expect to see FlamePro™ Splash trickling into foundries soon, and we anticipate significant growth in the coming years.