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Game-changing solutions for hand safety

Coats Armoren uses a pioneering J Spun engineered yarn technology that extends the frontiers of safety awareness in cut protection. New generation stretch fibres and high quality of core yarn coverage creates laser-fine gloves that are comfortable, and have ultimate tactile dexterity. The best in class, proprietary helical J Spun core construction provides the power of extreme cut resistance even at fine knitting gauges.

The Coats Armoren product range of cut protect yarns is engineered for Ultralight comfort and Ultracut protection in gloves, and offers game-changing solutions to the hand safety industry.

Coats Armoren can also be designed to protect against multi-risk hazards like electric arc flash, extreme contact heat, microbial infection, molten splash, chemical exposure, clean room electrostatic, and other dangers. It is brought to you by Coats, which is a global company with the engineering expertise and the innovation capability to meet increasingly stringent industry trends of safety and sustainability.

Selecting the appropriate Armoren yarn

5 steps to select the appropriate Armoren yarn for your safety product:

Armoren hand safety

Coats Armoren: Complete Product Range

Ultralight & Ultracut: fastest growing sectors in Hand Safety and require innovative engineered yarns.

How to decide which Coats Armoren product to use for what application?

The gold standard of cut protection. Extreme high cut for fine gauge knitting.
For ultimate dexterity and laser-fine protection in 18 gg ultralight-weight gloves
The power of extreme cut protection. High cut A5-A9 in medium duty gloves.
Best suited to replace spun para-aramid or para-steel in medium duty gloves
Great value to replace HPPE or HPPE Glass in medium duty gloves
General purpose yarns made with spun para-aramid and HPPE fibres

Coats Armoren: Multi-risk protection

Coats is a global innovation leader pioneering the textile industry. It has developed disruptive technology platforms like J Spun that meets safety industry’s challenges. It has invested in advanced research of next generation materials. Its Innovation Hubs can design special fibre / yarn blends and fabric solutions that provide Multi-Risk Protection and other functional attributes on as-needed basis to meet emerging and future industry needs:

Protective black glove welding

Características y beneficios


  • Electric arc flash resistance to meet F2675M-13 HRC level 2 (8 cal/cm2), HRC Level 3 (25 cal/cm2) and above
  • High contact heat properties at 350°C EN 407 Level 3
  • Anti-microbial and anti-bacterial protection under Armoren Protect+ brand
  • Molten Metal Splash hazard protection
  • Hypodermic needle resistance under ANSI 105 (150 Newtons)
  • High mechanical impact ANSI ISEA 138
  • Electrostatic (EN 1151/ANSI 16350), silicone- free, modular clean room ambience
  • FDA food handling requirements 2002/72 EC
  • Chemical exposure; Oekotex, ReacH certifications