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At Coats, we carry out a generic consumption analysis and then a cost for a garment.

Thread consumption in a sewn product is the total amount of thread used in the seams. A realistic estimation of potential thread requirements for particular garment styles or contracts will not only save costs, but also enable you to use a superior thread for the same cost, thereby not compromising on garment quality.

Varios factores determinan la magnitud del consumo de hilo en un producto cosido dado, como el tipo de puntada, tipo de costura, grosor del material, número de capas, construcción y SPI (puntadas por pulgada).

At Coats, we carry out a generic consumption analysis and then a cost for a garment. Our brands would need that information to understand the costings from the vendor. If the vendor needs consumption analysis carried out, we would recommend Coats consumption tool Seamworks Cloud.

If vendors order too much thread there is the potential risk of a high quantity of unused thread cones, which in addition to using up storage space can be very costly. If too little thread is ordered, it will mean lead time delays and ordering more stock. Coats Seamworks Cloud helps to reduce thread wastage and can give you a competitive edge through cost effective sewing thread procurement.

Costing is a highly critical factor in the manufacture of apparel. Coats Technical Services use a Minimum Make Standards (MMS) for all garment recommendations, to make sure that we offer a high standard of service to brands and vendors, and that we don’t over specify the threads we offer.

MMS is where we assess a garment and deliver recommendations on thread types in specific seams, to make the garment as well as possible, but keeping the cost down to a minimum. For example, on a woven garment this would commonly be a combination of staple spun polyester for the internal seams. Then for strength or stretch seams or for seams that require neat seams, we would then use the appropriate thread for the outside of the garment.

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