Gral Protect

Gral Protect

Anti-microbial continuous filament polyester

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Coats Gral Protect sewing thread is treated with an innovative process to give the finished thread anti-microbial properties.

The anti-microbial process creates a "zone of inhibition" that prevents the growth of bacteria and pathogens around sewn seams, where microbes like to harbour, leaving seam crevices clean and fresh.

The added value feature of anti-microbial protection is combined with the excellent sewing characteristics of this superior continuous filament polyester thread. Gral Protect has low friction lubrication designed to withstand the effects of needle heat from sewing all types of leather and various other demanding materials. High breaking strength, suppleness and optimum stretch all help to produce quality seams with good appearance and excellent abrasion resistance.

Enhanced anti-microbial protection of seams can be achieved with Gral Protect in many diverse applications.

Coats Protect threads meet a number of recognised anti-bacteria test standards including: AATCC TM90 and ASTM M90 (microbiology activity), EN/ISO 20743 (anti-bacterial) and the Japanese SEK Blue Label accreditation.

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These fastness grades represent minimum performance levels and, in practice, the majority of shades will exceed these levels.

Our sewing threads with the Coats Protect technology, have been tested to be effective up to 100 laundry wash cycles (per AATCC TM 150). Effectively this means the anti-microbial performance will endure for the lifetime of the product.