Epic EcoVerde Multicolour

Epic EcoVerde Multicolour

High performance 100% recycled polyester corespun thread

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Coats Epic EcoVerde Multicolour is a high-performance 100% recycled polyester corespun thread that has been injection dyed with up to 6 different colours to give an attractive, varied multicolour effect on the thread.

From subtle tone-in-tone to rainbow contrast colours, Epic EcoVerde Multicolour gives that extra special look and is especially effective when sewn onto darker colour fabrics and washed-out denims.

Use Epic EcoVerde Multicolour thread for eye-catching stitching effects on key wardrobe essentials.

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Features and Benefits

  • Coats Epic EcoVerde Multicolour offers special shade effects
  • Thanks to the irregular sequence of the various shades each garment made with Coats Epic EcoVerde Multicolour is unique
  • Coats Epic EcoVerde Multicolour is available in 10 standard shades and a broad range of sizes for decorative stitching as well as for general seaming
  • Coats Epic EcoVerde Multicolour is a high-tenacity corespun thread delivering outstanding sewing performance and maximum durability
  • Less energy intensive to produce in comparison to virgin materials, which results in lower carbon emissions during production
  • Delivers same level of performance as the virgin equivalent range, whilst offering sustainability benefits
  • Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified


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