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Focus on EcoRegen

Sustainability Spotlight

As part of our drive towards sustainability and circularity, we aim to to make all of our products completely independently of new oil-extraction materials by 2030.

Our new EcoRegen thread is a big step towards making that happen.

Sustainable, biodegradable, compostable and eco-friendly, it’s designed to help build a truly circular economy, thread by thread.

What is EcoRegen?

It’s a range of 100% lyocell threads made from sustainably sourced wood pulp. This eco-friendly regenerated fibre can be recycled and is fully biodegradable and compostable due to its cellulosic origin.

What can it be used for?

EcoRegen is suitable for shirts, dresses, t-shirt, blouses, athleisure, pants, ladies/menswear and more. It is a natural product with superior elongation, outstanding comfort and feel.

How is this thread made?

Wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests, and the pulp is produced by separating cellulose fibres from wood. The next step is to manufacture the cellulose fibre. Following this we spin and twist the cellulose fibre into grey thread.

What makes EcoRegen special?

Unlike cotton, lyocell does not require irrigation, pesticides or labour-intensive processes during its cultivation and it has the highest dry and wet strength amongst all the cellulosic fibres. It is sustainable, circular, responsible in terms of sourcing and manufacturing, so it is the ideal choice for customer looking for sustainable collections and programmes.

Is the cellulose sustainable?

Birla Cellulose follows a very stringent wood sourcing policy. That requires sustainable management of forests and protection of biodiversity with no wood sourced from ancient forests and endangered forests, as well as controversial sources.

Birla are ranked #1 globally in forest management practices by Canopy, a Canada-based reputed NGO, who ranks all the man-made cellulosic fibres on their forestry practices.

Birla Cellulose plants about 3 times the trees that they harvest so there is always a net positive growth of the forest. Due to this growth, the carbon sequestered in the forest is more than the entire scope 1 and scope 2 emissions, making them carbon neutral in these.

100% of the wood comes from certified sources (FSC,SFI/PEFC) , and most of their forests sources are FSC certified and have the largest proportion of FSC certified fibres in the industry. 100% of the wood is classified as FSC controlled wood.

What is the current EcoRegen product range?

Art/Tkt Tex Tkt
Length Ply Strength
ER05060 30 60 100 5000m 3 695 10
ER05050 35 50 80 5000m 3 921 11
ER05040 40 40 60 5000m 3 1149 11
ER05030 60 60 50 5000m 3 1816 12
ER05024 80 24 40 5000m 3 2196 13
ER05018 105 18 30 5000m 3 3156 14

What are the next steps on Coats eco-journey?

We are already piloting a water dissolvable thread concept with brands that helps facilitate end-of-life recycling. Whilst the thread maintains its quality, strength and durability during the life span of the garment, when exposed to a thermal washing process at temperatures above 95°C it allows the seam to dissolve so that non-textile and textile components can be easily separated for recycling. If you would like to see how you can be a part of this journey, why not visit our dedicated landing page.

To learn more about EcoRegen, download a product information sheet here.