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Coats Colour Express


Features and benefits of Coats Colour Express
How Coats Colour Express works
The Coats Colour Capsure device
Coats Colour Express sample thread cabinet
Web-based application (WBA)
Coats Field Colour Expert (FCE)
Local Colour Office
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Coats Colour Express is a revolutionary web-based service that provides you with the world's fastest, most accurate thread sampling service for industrial sewing thread.

With tight sampling deadlines in the industry today, buyers receiving samples in right time with right colour match is a key issue right from design development to the finished product. Coats has taken a closer look at the current thread sampling process and redesigned it for optimisation at various levels from technology to process. This is called Coats Colour Express.

Coats Colour Express consists of many elements. However, the primary constituents include a combination of Coats Capsure – a colour matching device for choosing the correct shade – and a web-based application (WBA) for placing sample orders with Coats.

These two along with the innovative Coats Field Colour Expert (FCE) service ensures the colour matching process is quick and easy.

Features and benefits of Coats Colour Express


  • Precision, accuracy and speed in every colour matching process through Capsure
  • Globally consistent colour scheme in every process from design to product development to finished product
  • Helps in getting the right match the very first time, thereby saving time and resources
  • Access to various colour schemes as Coats standard colour cards, stock shades and Pantone reference guide
  • Coats WBA help in despatching orders accurately and instantly to Coats, hence the samples order processing starts immediately with no time loss
  • It provides real-time access to the Coats samples order processing system, thereby helping you track your order status any time

How Coats Colour Express works

By registering with Coats Colour Express, you will receive the below in your premises:

  • Coats Colour Capsure – a colour matching device
  • Coats Colour Express sample thread cabinet – a cabinet with thread samples
  • WBA (Web-based Application) Account – login credentials

Coats Colour Capsure device

Coats Colours

It is a handy device loaded with Coats standard colour cards, stock shades and Pantone reference guide. It helps in choosing the most suitable option recommended by overcoming all factors that can influence a colour matching process such as lighting condition, viewing angle, atmospheric conditions, background effect and most importantly, the perception of the human eye.

How do you use the Capsure device?

  • Select the electronic colour card(s) you want to match to
  • Select the aperture size as large, medium and small to suit to your colour matching area
  • Place the device aperture over the colour area to be matched
  • Half-squeeze the size button to take a preview of the colour and squeeze fully to take a snapshot
  • Instantly the best colour match recommended by Coats appears

Coats Colour Express sample thread cabinet

A compact cabinet with thread samples stocked with specific colour preferences loaded in the Capsure device. It helps in conveniently picking up the sample just after choosing the shade through Capsure.

Web-based application (WBA)

Using the login credentials, the sample order can be directly placed to the Coats samples order processing system, where it gets checked for stocks in the warehouse. If unavailable, it is sent to the laboratory for production immediately.

When you start working with WBA, you also get connected to the below in real-time:

  • Coats Field Colour Expert (FCE)
  • Local colour office
  • Coats colour lab

Find out more about the Coats Colour Express web based application by clicking here.

Coats Field Colour Expert (FCE)

Field Colour Expert

Colour experts from local Coats offices come to address the sample requirements in a timely and efficient manner. They are also equipped with the latest technology in colour management such as Mobile Colour Readers.

Mobile Colour Readers

When there is no satisfactory match from the standard shade range available, the exact colour requirement can be determined by the FCE using a mobile spectrophotometer. The electronic colour file will be transmitted to the lab through WBA for colour development immediately.

Please check for availability of this service in your region.

Local colour office

Each Coats office carries a very wide range of sample threads and acts as a logistic hub to expedite fast delivery of samples.

Colour checking

Coats colour labs

Colour Expertise

Coats has over 40 colour labs across the world, equipped with modern machinery for dye and chemical preparation. Each lab is connected through a sophisticated system to transmit colour data electronically.