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Coats Signal Thread

Coats Signal thread is a high-tech retro-reflective sewing and embroidery thread for fashion applications in apparel sewing. As with all the Signal products it’s highly reflective and adds that extra special decorative feature to your products. Coats Signal thread has a very good level of retro-reflectance coupled with good sewability.

Coats Signal thread combines the tenacity of a polyester filament cover with a retro-reflective core to provide excellent strength and durability.

The thread is recommended for use in decorative, non-construction lockstitch seams and as an embroidery thread. When used in the top cover of flatseams, Coats Signal thread gives a very special premium appearance to the seam.

Key features include:

  • Retro-reflective qualities
  • Minimal loss of reflectivity in a domestic wash cycle 40ºC
  • Bonding technology that safeguards against ply untwisting in multi directional sewing
  • Lubricated finish for needle heat protection and smooth sewing

Coats Signal elastic sew-on tape

Coats Signal elastic sew-on tape is available in single or double-sided tapes. They are made of high performance glass beads laminated onto a 85% polyester / 15% spandex fabric backing.

These tapes can be integrated in seams as an alternative to traditional piping. The product is available in various widths from 5mm up to 50mm.

Coats Signal elastic transfer film

Coats Signal elastic transfer film is made of high performance glass beads laminated to a durable polymer layer with a heat reactive adhesive on the back side. The product is applied either to the finished garment or cut panels by using a heat press.

It is suitable for all types of high visibility applications.

The product is available in several widths and can also be converted into logos, badges and other trims.

Coats Signal piping

Coats Signal piping retro-reflective is made from a high quality reflective tape, inner cord and lining. High performance glass beads laminated on a durable polyester / spandex fabric backing ensure maximum retro-reflectivity as well as durability.

A special manufacturing process means there are no joints in the piping which would impair the appearance of the end use product. This is unique in the market.

Opti S Signal zip

Opti S Signal zips have retro-reflective coated bands as an intrinsic feature of the tape positioned close to the spiral, on both the front and reverse sides.

Opti S Signal zips are available in S40, S60 and S80 sizes.

The standard width of the reflective band is 5mm.

Available reflective shades of the bands: silver, yellow, pink, graphite, lime.

Opti S Stipple Reflective zip

The Opti S Stipple Reflective range are feature zips which combine the safety element with the fashionable contrast tapes and spirals.

Opti S Stipple Reflective zips are produced by interweaving a special silver retro-reflective narrow band while producing the chain.

Opti S SR zips are available in S40 and S60 sizes.

Coats Signal Range – For eye catching activewear

Your customers want to look and feel good when exercising and enjoying their active lifestyle. The range of Coats Signal thread, zip and trim products for activewear add that extra special eye-catching fashion design element and help to enhance product visibility at night or in adverse weather conditions.

Whether it is a reflective zip you are looking for, or to add a 3D stitching effect to your engineered garment, Coats has a Signal product to meet your requirements.

The Coats Signal range enhances your product line through key features including:

  • High level of retro reflective visibility which is silver under daylight and when illuminated the reflected colour is white
  • Retains maximum reflectivity after sewing
  • Signal range suits a wide variety of activewear applications
  • Signal elastic tape, Signal elastic transfer film and Signal piping conform to, or exceed EN ISO 20471 requirements

Please contact your local Sales Office to find out more about Coats Signal range.